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GrassRoots Athletics fosters positive experiences and awareness to take your athleticism to the next level. With hard work, Clarity, Balance and Focus you will be properly prepared and Confident for your next level challenge. Allow us to help you harness the best athlete in you!


Our Mission is to provide a positive and progressive environment for individuals to become a successful cerebral athletes that contributes to the community. 


Become the program of choice for fostering personal competitive excellence through physical, mental and nutritional preparation for sport and life.

GrassRoots Athletics Back in the Day

Motivated with the desire to make a difference in a small town in Northern California, GrassRoots Athletics was born in 1998 as a post collegiate competitive club in Arcata, California and part of the USA Track and Field Pacific Association. Members of the club were athletes that completed college competition and still wanted to compete at the national level with hopes of meeting the Olympic trials standards.  In it’s short tenure GrassRoots Athletics took second at the USATF 10k Road Racing Championships to the Reebok Aggies as well as performing well at many other open/college cross country invitationals (Read article).

GrassRoots Athletics Today

sd_team_chant1.jpgGrassRoots Athletics is reborn with the same vision serving Southern California to foster sustained competitive excellence, interest and participation in sports for all ages and skill level.Our philosophy is about individual development and progress with a aim to instill positive habits for lifetime success. GrassRoots Athletics is a USA Track and Field club in the Southern California Association (#33-0526).

GrassRoots Athletics Cross Sport Training

GrassRoots Athletics believes in cross sport training or multi sport participation especially as a youth athlete. Developing athleticism and progress in one sport can seem counter-intuitive by participating in another parallel sport, but there is carryover from one sport to another.   

Training Has No Seasons.

Part Timers are Part On.



GrassRoots Athletics provides year round training for a variety of sports and activities.  From the professional to the novice our training sessions can be tailored for your fitness level. Club and small group classes are offered to sharpen, supplement or prepare the athlete in you!

Sometimes we need that individual 1:1 time to really excel. Learn more about Private Coaching and the benefits. This program is confidential and is individually tailored.


Impact Coaching.


GrassRoots Athletics fosters positive experiences and awareness to take your athleticism to the next level. Our Professional Coaches provide the tools and confidence to be successful on and off the field. We periodize age and skilled based training programs to properly develop the athlete in you!


My son loves running with Grassroots Athletics! The high quality of coaching along with a supportive team atmosphere makes this the perfect team for kids. The coaches are able to work with athletes of all levels from novice to experienced.  It is a good mix of competition with fun.

Julianne L.

The coaches at GrassRoots Athletics are excellent! They are welcoming, knowledgeable, flexible, and supportive. They are capable of working with youth of all ages and abilities. In just 6 months our son has improved greatly in his form, strength, and endurance. It is a wonderful team to be a part of!

Brian M.

The Grassroots Staff is the most patient and compassionate group of coaches I have ever experienced. They foster a supportive environment, where all members of the team encourage and motivate one another.  They have provided a truly rewarding experience for my daughter.

Laura M


GrassRoots Athletics Track and Field Running Club

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