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Summer Enrichment Classes


GrassRoots Athletics fosters positive experiences and awareness to take your athleticism to the next level. With hard work, Clarity, Balance and Focus you will be properly prepared and Confident to be the best student athlete you can be.  Our GrassRoots Educational summer programs is open to everyone regardless of school affiliation and is designed to enrich each student athletes knowledge about training to maximizing their daily investment.  

GREAT Human Performance Class

The GREAT Human Performance Class is designed to help the student athlete become stronger, better and more knowledgable in their understanding of their sport. The sooner the athlete becomes a student of human performance, the sooner the student athlete will connect the dots and can make positive decisions and choices to maximize their personal abilities. Class will include:

Mission CrossFit: Strength and conditioning class to include balance drills, plyometrics, body weight circuit training, stretch and mobility to maximize human performance and prehab. 1-3 times a week.

Sport Physiology Lecture: Dr. Jason Karp is one of America’s foremost running experts will share the what, how and why’s of our moving bodies and how training is developing us to become better.

Sport Nutrition Lecture: Sports Nutritionist local Melissa A. Mathes is an expert in sports nutrition counseling and will provide nutritional information to help prepare and recover from workouts to maximize the bodies adaptation.

Special Drop Ins: Dr. Cary Costa of OC Sports and Rehab to share post workout injury prevention routines and more!