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Mental Preparation

Sport psychology theories and mental training strategies to enhance focus, confidence, composure, mental preparation, and team cohesion have proven to increase performance in sports, business and life. Important elements of sport psychology aim to: 1. Improve focus and deal with…

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Coaches Earn USATF Level 1 Certification

Congratulations to Mayra Medina-Belo and Donovan Stephens as both have passed the USATF Level 1 coaches examination. The USATF Coaching Education Level 1 covers all events in a rudimentary manner by emphasizing fundamentals, rules, safety/risk management, and instruction techniques. The…

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GrassRoots Athletics Reborn

A look back at the origin of GrassRoots Athletics in 1998. Motivated by the desire to make a difference in a small town in northern California, GrassRoots Athletics was born. Initially a post-collegiate endeavor to help athletes bridge the gap…

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