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Coach Becomes A Certified Mental Coach

Coach Robert Belo has earned  a Certificate of Completion as a Mental Coach (CMC).  The CMC program is a high quality online mental skill coach certification course that teaches the key mental skills and how to implement them individualy or with a team.

As many coaches do not have a background in Sport Psychology, the CMC program assists coaches with implemetnitng some of the basic principles for greater mental performance.  Some of the basic components that Certified Mental Coaches learn are:

  • The 5 core mental skills every athlete needs.
  • Enable peak performances from underperforming athletes.
  • Solve the 5 most common performance issues.

 The CMC program was written by one of the most famous sport psychology researchers in the world, Dr. Robert Weinberg. The CMC is designed for athletic coaches who would like to add mental skills training and coaching concepts to their existing knowledge base.

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